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We have a wide range of ciders for your enjoyment.


Thatchers Gold

Thatchers Gold


abv: 4.8%

Golden & Fruity

Medium Dry - Very Clear - Fizzy

A refreshing cider with a smooth appley taste

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Westons - Old Rosie

Westons - Old Rosie


abv: 7.3%

Golden & Fruity

Medium - Cloudy - Still

Old Rosie is Weston Cider's flagship traditional unfiltered cloudy cider, matured in oak vats with an ABV of 7.3%

Mid golden and straw-like in colour, Old Rosie is a cloudy, medium-bodied fruity cider that has a wonderful aroma of wild berry-fruits, honey and vintage cider-barrels.

With this classic 'scrumpy cider' aroma and additional complexity on the palate, Old Rosie captures the heart of Herefordshire, therefore underpinning the rural provenance of cloudy cider.


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